When will the next restock be?

The April collection launch date is TBD

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Why does it seem you are always sold out?

That's the goal! I restock once a month, and the goal with every restock is to completely sell out of the inventory. I do this because it allows me to donate large lump sums to rescues instead of trickling funds in over time. I am working building more inventory and be able to increase sales, but in the meantime, the best thing you can do is sign up for text alerts so you know immediately when the restocks go live on the site. 

Who do you donate to?

I have several rescues I donate to, but am always open to suggestions for more.
Saving Sully Dog Rescue, Valentine's Second Chance, Diamond Dogs, Sandi Paws, and All Seated in a Barn have all been recipients of donations, ranging from several hundred dollars to 6,000 dollars. 

Can you let me know when they're restocked? 

Absolutely! The best way to be alerted is by joining the text club. All text club members are alerted a full day before I post to TikTok, so you all have a chance to buy before I post. To join, text WILSON to 81493. I also send exclusive discount codes to the pack! I promise I do not spam you guys with messages, you will simply get one text to alert you to restocks with a direct link to the store. You can also follow my instagram, where I am much more active on a day to day basis with behind the scenes and am able to actually engage with you more! My handle is  WilsonHaus_candles