I will preface this post and subsequent dog diet posts with this:

This is our personal experience.

I know what this particular recipe and diet change has done for Wilson because I witnessed it first hand. From a dog who was withering away and miserable to a dog who is now healthy and thriving. 

I am not a licensed animal specialist of any sort, and I encourage everyone to do research of their own. There are A LOT of different opinions circulating the internet - find several REPUTABLE sources and stick with that. The information can be overwhelming, but only if you let it be. 

In my opinion, choosing a raw diet for your dog is the best. It is choosing biologically appropriate food with minimal processing. I was naive to the dog food industry prior to this experience that really forced me to look at it all. 

Do you know what is in your dog's kibble? Or how wet dog food is made? It is ethical? What is actually in it? How does it get from animal meat to a crusty piece of nugget? Any why have we settled on this as the standard? 


These are some great references to start with:

Dr. Karen Becker (Youtube or Facebook)

Perfectly Rawsome:




April 19, 2021 — Morgan Van Daalwyk


boyelo said:

Dogs and cats have long been associated with people for a variety of reasons, such as protection, rodent control, hunting, and friendship. Due to domestication, dogs and cats now eat diets like avaiable at PetCareRx designed to meet their unique nutritional needs rather than scavenging and hunting for food.

Mary said:

I was not able to find your raw dog food.
I too, just switched up the dogs food and noticed yours a a bit more/
Thank you,

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