To Leah

To Leah

When I say my heart aches for you- it is an understatement. Because I know you weren’t and aren’t alone in your suffering. For every story we see, there are a seemingly infinite number of stories that never see the gaze of strangers on the internet.
March 02, 2022 — Morgan Van Daalwyk
Our Raw Dog Food Recipe and the Process

Our Raw Dog Food Recipe and the Process

My point of reference for where I started was Dr. Karen Becker. I highly recommend watching these series of videos on Youtube as a beginner: 

This is a great introduction to the topic

**There are more resources linked at the bottom of this blog post**

Our recipe that we use has its basis in this. We have added some other ingredients here or there, just based off of Wilson's preferences and being diligent in assessing how he reacts to ingredients. He cannot have chicken, so we have taken that out completely, as he is allergic to it. We scramble and cook the eggs - due to noting he just likes it better and the meals are less "slimy." We have been feeding Wilson like this for two years and have only needed to go to the vet for his yearly physical and checkup/vaccinations. 

I will have a separate post with some opinions and articles I will share, if interested. But to the point - the recipe we use and our process.


We make Wilson's food in bulk, meaning we take a couple hours every couple weeks to meal prep his food. We typically make two weeks worth at a time. 

These are the storage containers we utilize, from Amazon. Yes, it was an upfront investment. We tried plastic ones at first, but they ended up breaking - it was a waste of money. Do yourself a favor, skip the cheapies, and just purchase the glass containers. (We have a total of 15 containers - one container = one day's worth of food) We keep two day's worth in the fridge and freeze the rest. We pull out a new meal every night so it is thawed by the time we serve it. 

We feed Wilson 3 times a day, but you could do two. I do not recommend once a day, because - do you eat only once a day? Also, breaking up the nutrients throughout the day is easier on the digestive tract - which Wilson is sensitive in that regard. 

We mix it all in a huge metal slow cooker insert we had in the basement. 


Here is a link to containers similar to ours:






It takes some trial and error in the beginning to get the right portion sizes, and your own system of prepping down. Try not to get discouraged! You WILL figure it out! You will find a routine, and it will be worth it.  It took us about a month to find the flow - and once we did, it becomes so easy. 

DISCLAIMER: Wilson is approximately 55 pounds and an adult dog- therefore this recipe listed has been altered for his weight and age. This recipe below makes about two weeks worth of meals/containers for him and we do vary things here and there. This is simply our guideline. We have come to just pack the containers full and that is his portion, which works for him.

You can look at the resources section below for sites to calculate your own dog's portion sizes. If your dog is a puppy or senior- there are different nutritional requirements which should be accounted for.

Some people will argue dogs don't need vegetables, or that you should do "A" instead of "B." There is a LOT of knowledge and differing opinions out there. This is what works for US - you have to decide what works for YOU. We have Wilson's labs drawn and a yearly physical to ensure he is getting what he needs, which is encouraged regardless. 


  • 6 pounds of ground beef (90% lean or higher)
  • 6 to 9 pounds of ground turkey
  • 3-5 large cans of pink salmon¬†
  • 3-5 large cans of tuna¬†
  • 16 eggs (we scramble ours so the mixture isn't so slimy)
  • 8 eggs shells ground¬†
  • Ground Ginger (7 tsp thoroughly mixed in)
  • 4-5 heads of¬†broccoli - cooked
  • 12-16 oz¬†of green beans or peas - cooked
  • 4 red peppers - diced¬†
  • 10-15 oz of spinach - we mince ours in a food processor¬†
  • 12 - 16 oz of beef liver - chopped
  • Icelandic Kelp ( linked below what we use - follow company's dosing recommendations)
  • Cod Liver Oil¬†( linked below what we use - follow company's dosing recommendations)¬†
  • Hemp Seeds or Hemp Oil¬†( linked below what we use)¬†
  • Dr.Harvey's Multivitamin & Mineral Herbal Supplement¬†( linked below what we use)
  • You should also be¬†rotating in raw edible bones for your dog to chew on for their dental health -¬†here is a link for reference of what is appropriate - as some are NOT safe for pet consumption:
  • OPTIONAL :¬†We add these because Wilson likes them
    • a bag of organic carrots - peeled and chopped
    • 2 to 3 apples - chopped
    • Occasionally add sardines - be prepared for stinky breath!¬†
    • It is recommended by many to add another "secreting" organ such as kidneys, pancreas or spleen. Organ meat in general is recommended to add. You can find these, typically, at a butcher shop for pretty cheap.¬†
    • We add another oil for Wilson to support his hair, skin, coat. His breed is prone to skin issues - Dr. Maggie's Skin & Coat Supplement - linked below
    • Pet Honesty Allergy Immunity -¬†especially during the dry winter months



















I encourage you to branch out, do your own research, explore! 


As stated, this is all MY experience and I cannot consult or provide medical advice for any animals.

This is what worked for us and I encourage you to reach. out to your vet or better yet - find a holistic vet to consult with! 



April 19, 2021 — Morgan Van Daalwyk
The Preface: The Raw Dog Food Diet that Changed Wilson's Life

The Preface: The Raw Dog Food Diet that Changed Wilson's Life

Do you know what is in your dog's kibble? Or how wet dog food is made? It is ethical? What is actually in it? How does it get from animal meat to a crusty piece of nugget? Any why have we settled on this as the standard? 
April 19, 2021 — Morgan Van Daalwyk