To all customers who have bought products as well all those who have supported this little start up company with kind words and support - thank you.

This isn't possible without you. 

While I continue to grow, please know I am constantly trying to think about the best ways to serve you, the customer, and how to best raise money to help animals in need, all while trying to grow this business into something sustainable that I can dedicate more time to in the years to come. 

In our first year of business, we raised 29,025 dollars for animal rescue. The goal in 2022 is to raise at least 50,000 dollars. At times this seems daunting, however, I am constantly in awe of how you all come through every collection, ensuring one batch at a time that we make it one step closer to the goal. 

I believe that we can all make a difference. Every candle and every product sold is part of the solution. 

"Just because we can't save them all, doesn't mean we shouldn't try." 

Thank you again, so very much. 

-Morgan & Wilson