WILSONHAUS  chooses organizations to donate to based on a multitude of factors. One of those factors is the integrity of the organization. We hear about these organizations mostly from word of mouth, and look for those that have a positive and established track record.

We batch out anywhere from 250-1000 candles at a time, with the goal to sell out the collection. Once the collection is sold out, we take the bulk 30% to donate to a rescue or shelter. We do it this way so that an organization can receive a large donation in one large sum, rather than "sprinkling" the funds over time. 


All receipts below


    • Valentine's Second Chance received 2,250 on February 1
    • All Seated in a Barn received 650 dollars on February 1
    • Saving Sully Received 2,250 on February 1
    • This is Houston received 200 on March 1
    • Valentine's Second Chance received 1,500 on March 11
    • All Seated In A Barn received 1,000 on March 2
    • All Seated in a Barn received 500 on March 6
    • Saving Sully received 1,300 on March 16
    • Jersey Pits received 500 on March 6
  • APRIL:
    • All Seated in A Barn received $3,000 on April 3
  • MAY:
    • Bullitt County Humane Society (KY)  received 2,000 dollars 
    • Spencer Pet Rescue received 500 dollars on May 14
  • JULY:
    • Mercer County Humane Society received 1,000 on July 30 
    • Saving Sully received 1,500 on October 22
    • Valentine's Second Chance received 1,500 on October 22
    • All Seated in a Barn received 500 on November 5
    • One of a Kind Animal Rescue received 250 on November 20
    • Valentine's Second Change received 1,500 on November 25
    • Saving Sully Dog Rescue received 1,500 on November 25

2021: 29,025 DOLLARS RAISED


*Note about the donation widget - the app requires a complex code to calculate the varying donation amount from each product. At the end of every collection, we do edit it to be an exact and accurate reflection of the exact amount donated. In between the donation rounds as purchases are made, the amount is typically +/- 1,000 dollars until we are able to correct it* 



If you have a recommendation, please e-mail us! WilsonHausCustomerService@gmail.com 

Receipts from 2022 donations, starting with most recent to oldest: 















Receipts from 2021 donations, starting with most recent to oldest: 






Above is from October 28, 2021