Processing times and shipping transit times are different. Please note when checking out the estimated processing times as well as any details to shipping dates. 

Processing time is the time is takes myself and helpers to process and pack orders. Because  of the way WilsonHaus is designed (sell out of collections in a short period of time) please note that at times we have over 600 orders at once we need to process. This is why we have a range of time we require in order to work through the order set. We work chronologically, from oldest to newest order. 

Transit time is how long the carrier takes to deliver the package.




WilsonHaus utilizes USPS to ship all products. We use priority shipping which averages 2-5 day transit time. 

Priority shipping is the most affordable option for USPS (and our products) and is *not* express shipping. Typically, it will estimate how many days the package will take to arrive to your location when you check out. For example, it says "1 day," it is simply calculating that based on the proximity to WilsonHaus location.

Please note that due to WilsonHaus will outline the timeline to expect shipments in all product descriptions as well as a terms and conditions pop up prior to your checkout. Please review these timelines and estimates closely prior to ordering. 

S/H Fees: WilsonHaus charges a 1.50 shipping/handling fee. Because I am a one person business, this helps bring in a team of people every collection to assist me with packaging. I believe in paying people fairly for their time and effort and this allows me to offer our helpers fair compensation. Instead of raising prices across the board for ALL products, I feel this is a more fair approach to the customer to keep costs down while simultaneously providing a healthy work environment. 




WILSONHAUS currently offers shipping to Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. 

Please note that we use USPS for International shipping, transit times will depend on the carrier(s). 

The customer is responsible for all duties/import taxes. Please note we do not accept returns. If there are unanticipated fees the customer refuses to pay, WilsonHaus will forfeit the package to customs and no refunds shall be given.