We are offering a lid recycling program, meaning we take back branded WilsonHaus black lids that you don't need anymore to reuse them in attempts to minimize our impact on the environment. You will get 15 points added to your loyalty account for every lid sent back.

*PLEASE ensure the lids are scratch and dent free* We cannot reuse damaged lids.

We recommend you collect them and send them back "in bulk" Please protect the lids when sending them back with either reusing the packing peanuts we send out as well as putting a barrier of sorts in between the lids so they don't scratch each other in transit. (paper towel, recycled magazine pages/newspaper, etc)

(Please note, WilsonHaus is unable to reimburse for shipping these back at this time.)


You may send back undamaged and clean WilsonHaus lids to


225 N Richmond Street

Suite 102

Appleton, WI 54911

*Please ensure your name is on the shipping label or a note in the package so that I may credit your account*